Eyebrow treatments include a free retouch session 6-8 weeks after initial treatment, depending on the type of treatment received. The following is a list of services we offer retouch/touch-up services for:


  • o Up to 3 months after previous procedure -$175
    o Up to 6 months after previous procedure- $275
    o Up to 9 months after previous procedure- $375
    o Up to 12 months after previous procedure- $450 
    o Up to 18 months after previous procedure- $550 
    o Up to 24 months or more, rate is considered “New Client Rate”

Lash Enhancements - 1 year $180

*All Treatments includes a Free Retouch/Perfecting Session 6-8 weeks after initial procedure.


E  Y  E  L  I  N  E  R 


We will customize and tailor to your needs for how you want your eyebrow shaped & styled! *This service is ONLY available to clients with previous permanent eyebrows or microblading services done.

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Add a pop of color to your natural lashes, all our tints are customized to fit your personality and style.

R E M O V A L  &  T O U C H - U P S

H Y P E R R E A L I S T I C   A E S T H I C   &   C O S M E T I C S

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​Wakeup everyday to a beautifully placed and eye defining eyeliner! Permanent eyeliners are 100% smudge proof and natural but noticeable. We can place the eyeliner along the upper lash line and for an additional $450 we can do the lower section as well. The design of your eyeliner & thickness can be varied based on the look you are trying to achieve - such as a wing liner! We also offer Smoky Eyeliner for only $750.00

Perfect for anyone who wants a natural or dramatic look! Extensions are completed using faux mink, made from the highest quality & comes in different curls & thicknesses. The method includes applying one single extension to each natural lash. 


This is the best of both worlds (microblading & ombre powder brows). This technique offers the effects of both "powdered" and "hair strokes" (microblading) combined together in order to create a beautiful and natural yet define brow. We begin by featuring the inner brow with hair stores while the trials are powdered to create definition. Hair stroke effects are added in the outer line of the arch in order to soften the powdered tails. ​This is often the most popular brow style!


Have a special event coming up or just want a professional makeup done? Contact us to book our artist(s) do a complete facial makeover! Perfect for weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, quinceañeras, or any other special events! Prices start at $50 and vary based on the event, number of people and location. 


This procedures allow for a permanently deeper colour and/or a permanent liner to be applied to your natural lips. This method can transform your lips by adding definition and volume and by contouring your natural lip line. We can add a blush of color to simply define your lip with your natural lip color and or we are able to add permanent makeup to your lips for whatever color you desire, for that natural pout. 

TATTOO REMOVAL | $250/session

This procedures requires drawing the original tattoo ink, moving upwardly through the skin. The scab containing tattoo ink is formed on the treated area over the next few days. While healing, the skin extracts more and more undesired ink. Scab containing tattoo ink is formed over the treated area in the next few days. As the skin is healing, even more unwanted tattoo ink gets drawn out. It is very likely that another scab will form, which will contain even more ink. After the procedure and for as long as you have the scab on the skin, keep the treated area dry. Removal of the tattoo or bad PMU doesn’t end after one treatment. It takes more than one procedure to remove everything you are not satisfied with, but the first results are immediately visible. If only the epidermis is affected, usually there are no traces or scars because the base layer cells of the epidermis are able to regenerate completely.

Removal advantages:

  • doesn’t cause neurosis
  • tissue heals quickly
  • removed pigment and its quantity is easily visible
  • it ‘cleans’ the lips like no other product before,
  • there is no long term post procedural redness or atrophic structure.

L  I  P  S

M A K E U P 



This is the manual process of inserting color pigmentation into the upper layers of the skin uno create misty-like powder looking brows. We create the tails of the brow darker and fade into a lighter pigmentation as we get closer to the start of the brow for the perfect ombre effect on your eyebrows! This method is waterproof and smudge-proof and usually lasts longer than Microblading (around 2 years on average) depending on skin type and lifestyle factors. Once pigmentation fades, it will return back to your natural brows and skin.


The manual method in which we use a  very fine, sterile, and 100% disposable hand held tool in order to deposit pigment into the epidermis. It is for individuals who want to enhance the shape and look of their eyebrows to achieve fuller eyebrows created with natural hair-like strokes. Please be mindful that your brows color may become significantly darker and sharper within the first few days of the procedure but it will fade (approx. 30-50%) over the healing process. Microblading is a multi-step appointment process and for best results it is recommended for clients to return for enhancements to perfect the color, shape and density of the brows. Results and the longevity of the procedure may vary from person to person. It is recommend clients receive annual touch-ups to retain their ideal brow shape and pigmentation. 


The technique of lash enhancement includes implanting microdots in between your lashes to create the appearance of thicker lashes while widening your eyes. Lashline enhancement can be applied to either or both your upper and lower lash line. This method gives more definition to your lash line, creating a subtle, natural yet beautiful look. 

E  Y  E  L  A  S  H  E  S

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LASH LIFT | $150
The Lash Lift is targeted more towards those with natural long lashes. This method curves your lashes giving you a fresh and natural look, that opens up the eye in the most beautiful way. A complementary lash tint is inlcuded for clients with this service. **If a client wish to add SPM instead of a lash tint, an additional $50 will be added towards the total.